Monday, May 31, 2010

Penong's Barbecue & Seafood Grill: One of Davao's Best and Cheapest Restaurants

 Penong's Chicken Barbecue Value Meal at 65 pesos only with unlimited rice!!!

I left my heart in Davao City a few weeks ago. Most Filipinos include Boracay and Palawan in their vacation getaways and it is very seldom for a Manile├▒o to even consider a visit to this beautiful city in the Southern Philippines. This blog post (although food related) is hoped to encourage you to include Davao city in your future travel itinerary plans. I am definitely returning!

Penong's Barbecue and Seafood Grill is one of the best restaurants in Davao. It is a multi-awarded establishment in Davao and has remained a favorite among locals. Penong's skyrocketed to fame with its unlimited rice concept. Clap twice and the servers are ready to scoop out hot rice from their containers straight to your platter. Their value meals cost only 65 pesos AND BELOW! The highly-acclaimed chicken barbecue meal featured in the photo above, with your choice of either "pecho" (breast and wing, as in the photo) or "pa-a" (leg and thigh) is only at an affordable price of 65 pesos.

Penong's Pork Barbecue Value Meal  at 58 pesos only with unlimited rice!!!

For people who just love the flavor of pork (that's me!), with your 58 pesos, you can have the pork barbecue value meal pictured above. Yes, all three char-broiled sticks of juicy smoking sensation that bring delight to each bite! Enough said!

Other viands to try are the grilled squid (cooked to perfection), the Okra salad, the Lokot-lokot (seaweed) salad, and their fish kilawin.

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