About Me :)

I am quite certain it was the owl icon that got you here. :) I am happy about that. Behind the owl icon is a lady with an insatiable lust for life's little joys and pleasures. She is quite obsessed with wide-eyed birds but in reality, has a set of blinkers that look more like lines. Cindy was the name her mother gave, inspired from that commercial fairy tale princess. Interestingly though, she would never be caught dead wearing glass slippers. :)

Heapful of Help was born as an extension of Cindy's hunger to help all kinds of people with all kinds of queries. It is hoped that you too, will gain knowledge, insight, and encouragement from the posts in the site. 

You may contact the owl princess at this email address:  heapfulofhelp@gmail.com. Have a hooting great day!