Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Make Your Own Smencils with the Smencils Mini Kits!

Smencils are the world's only gourmet-scented pencils made entirely of recycled newspapers. These eco-friendly writing instruments allow its users to be more socially responsible earth citizens, preserving trees as they choose the less damaging alternative. Original Smencils come in many fun scents such as root beer, very berry, cotton candy, orange, grape, tropical blast, cinnamon, watermelon, and black cherry. If you would like to enhance your memory for a test or simply like to relax to the scent of peppermint, you may want to try Smart Smencils.  Stir up the Van Gogh in you and create a beautiful work of colored pencil art with Colored Smencils!

What if you wanted to create your own Smencils? Would that be possible? Yes! Smencils now has the Smencils Mini Kit which includes two unscented pencils and one scent applicator ready to squeeze and "paint" on the newspaper rod surface of the pencils. The Smencils Mini Kits come in four scents namely toasted marshmallow, bubble gum, strawberry, and pineapple. You may get your own mini kits from Hobbes and Landes as well as Fully Booked. Here's to a gourmet-smelling day for you! :)

Friday, November 5, 2010

Multifunctional Headwear: Great Christmas Ideas for 2010!

Halloween is finally over and in a few weeks, Thanksgiving. Once that turkey is served -- or "lechon manok," as we Filipinos prefer -- Christmas time is just around the corner. Malls are sprucing up their common areas with themed Yuletide decorations if only to wake up the sleepy shoppers from their crisis-slumber. 

My family enjoys giving and receiving gifts. Immensely. My daughter exerts tremendous effort at resisting the temptation to open her presents before December 25. All that energy should power a village, in my assessment :) There is no other time in the year when everyone is, to an exceptionally advanced degree, truly happy.

The most valuable gifts I have received during Christmas are the ones that are either highly functional, unique, or both. If you are thinking of Christmas gift ideas to fill up your Christmas list, may I suggest this product: a multifunctional headgear that can be twisted, folded, turned, and manipulated for use in a number of interesting ways namely, as a neck warmer, balaclava, headband, dust protector, pirate's hat or skull cap, beanie or bonnet, diadem, scrunchie, and many more. The original creator of the multifunctional headwear is a Spanish brand called BUFF. Each piece costs over a thousand pesos. I know, it is a lot of money for a Christmas gift.