Saturday, October 30, 2010

Colored Smencils: The Fun-Smelling Pencil Revolution

Be part of the Pencil Revolution through Smencils. These ingenious pencils are constructed of 100% recycled newspapers utilizing a technology that allows the Smencils to sharpen like ordinary wooden pencils. As an added bonus, Smencils come fully charged with fun-smelling scents that bring you back to days when you had your school bag in hand. Some of the irresistible scents are Very Berry, Tropical Blast, Grape, Orange, Rootbeer, Bubble Gum, Cotton Candy, Watermelon, Black Cherry, and even Peppermint! Each Smencil brings you a special scent that lasts for two years, whether inside or out of its corn-based biodegradable container. At 69 pesos, Smencils make great Christmas gifts.

The most recent addition to the Smencil family is the Colored Smencil. There are 10 available colors in 10 different scents. Don't you just love the way it looks?

Create wonderful works of fine art using Colored Smencils and submit them to the Smencils Manila Gallery which will be up and running soon. Free Smencils will be given away to creations that make it to the website's art galleria. You can submit your scanned works to

My daughter has submitted her barn and farm creation using her Colored Smencils. She hopes that you will like it :)

Barn and Farm by Amber Andres. Media: Colored Smencils

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