Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Fire Treatment: One of China's Fiery Massage Treats

The Fire Treatment Massage: Spa Near Guangzhou Hotel

The past decade of advances in clinical psychology has afforded men free access to information regarding what women want. A visit to your neighborhood bookstore will reveal hundreds of crazy books authored by crazy writers in an attempt to provide "useful" information to their willing male victims. Men's magazines are not only filled with filth (if women read it) but also tips on how to bag the next damsel in distress by setting up a bait. And what is that bait? What women want.

Women are complex beings. How do I know? Because I am one. There is not a day that is like today and not an experience similar to another. We may talk about the same things but we add more details, take new angles, and dole out opinions even just slightly different from the previous one. Yes, our complexity is not something science can define, or should I say CONFINE.

As a tip to men, I would say that one of the TOP 10 things that women want is this: A massage treatment in whatever form. The spa is like a land of milk and honey. We get lured into the enticing scents of mixed essential oils. That somehow blurs our sense of logic and rationale. Yes, if men are enticed by the scent of grilled chops and barbecue, women are the same towards a scent-ful burst of a spa's essential oils. One of the best massages I have tried in Asia is the herbal press body massage by Asia Herb Association in Bangkok. That 90-minute experience relieved body pains and stress like never before. A less pleasurable experience yet most memorable is the Fire Treatment Foot Massage service I tried a few weeks ago in China (Guangzhou), where they set my legs on fire! And they did not just do it one time. If I remember correctly, it was four times. Whether it helped relieve my leg aches from all the walking is something I yet have to figure out. Nonetheless, it was a memorable experience, truly blog-worthy.


  1. OMG this is exactly what I need! Thanks Cindy for sharing this experience!

  2. Hi Leila,

    I imagined you beside me as I was having that service done :)