Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Storynory: A Rich Resource of Enchanting Audio Stories For Children & the Young Once!

Having been educated in an exclusive private school from nursery through high school, I have always held these institutions in high regard. When it was finally time for my own daughter's schooling requirements (as I had defined it), the only way of education I thought BEST was through a regular school. It was an exciting experience for my husband and I, seeing our little girl ride on that white school bus, school bag in tow. I even felt a tear drop down my left cheek as she waved me goodbye on her first school day.

A hectic business schedule led to three years of regular school for my daughter, from nursery through prep. I will always be grateful to her dedicated instructors who gave their best efforts at educating my child in a way they thought best. However, something changed during her last year in regular school. Although I did not expect perfection from her teachers, I DID expect my daughter to advance in her reading skills.

Monday, July 12, 2010

North Park's Shanghai Chicken with Prawn Crackers You Can Cook Yourself!

The most famous of restaurant chains in the Philippines and around the globe bend over backwards to ensure that their recipes remain best kept secrets. For instance, KFC's finger-licking eleven-spice chicken recipe is tucked securely within the company's secret food archives. Max's fried chicken takes pride in a recipe that has spanned three generations. One of my favorite affordable Chinese restaurants in the metropolis is North Park Noodle House. I love their serving sizes which offer so much value for money. Moreover, it takes them only a few minutes to whip up your order. Service can be summarized in a word, and that is, PRONTO!

My family loves to order either Shanghai Chicken or China Chicken from North Park Noodle House. The only thing lacking from the dish is a crunchy sensation enjoyed from a plate of complementary prawn crackers. The photo above is a Shanghai China Chicken dish which anybody can cook and enjoy. The recipe consists of only a few ingredients which you "recycle" for even more savory and better-tasting Chinese chicken days after your first try.

Friday, July 9, 2010

A Woman's Cry For Help When Her Car Breaks Down

Women do not love cars the way men do. Cars are toys for the big boys. Conversely, for the population of women who own and drive their own vehicles, cars are nothing more than a helpmate in times of need. One of the most reliable cars in my opinion is the Chevrolet Silverado, which you see in the photo above, borrowed from the archives of

The recent global crisis has made purchasing brand new cars a challenging task. Banks and financial institutions have become stricter in their standards for approval of personal auto loans. While women appreciate second-hand cars beyond words, years of use bring a set of auto problems which make that which was reliable, a source of stress and worry.

Women do not know engines and car parts the way men do. Men are naturals in terms of the anatomy of automobiles. Women find more hope in a SALE sign posted in a store’s front window display. When the car breaks down, women become damsels in much distress. If you live in Dallas, the only hope for a lady’s survival is a Dallas auto repair shop! is one such knight in shining armor in times of great need. is a reliable auto repair company that provides accurate estimates to any kind of specific car repair such as a brake job, A/C service, or other more complicated jobs. With, the princess can ride on her old faithful horse once again!

My New Vintage Art Discovery: Shephard Fairey Street Art

My love for vintage designs has undergone a metamorphosis of sorts. Shabby chic was my first love, one that I shall never forget. However, the past months have enhanced my “artistic” palate through an exposure to guerilla street art. If there was a hero in the streets who uses art for public propaganda, that would be none other than Shepard Fairey.

Featured in the photo above are two of my favorite Shephard Fairey art prints. The one on the left is entitled “These Parties Disgust Me” while the one on the right is interestingly labeled as “War by Numbers.”  However, it was Shephard Fairey’s Barack Obama “HOPE” poster design, which you see below, that catapulted him to artist fame.

It may be of interest to avid vintage collectors that genuine and OUT-OF-PRINT Shepard Fairey prints are still available for purchase from The online store highlights a treasure trove of amazing Shepard Fairey prints from the years 2001 through 2010. Be forewarned though. The price tags on each rare print may be more than you can handle in a lifetime! :)

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visco's Strawberry Shortcake in Baguio: One of the Country's Best Desserts!

A recent visit to Baguio City has been one of the most eventful in my life. The last time my feet were on Baguio's cold pavement was more than two decades ago and although some friends have dissuaded me from revisiting the city because of its lack of improvement in infrastructure, two more-than-significant balikbayan girl friends have dragged my feet to what I would call "Hell's Queue" at Cubao's Victory Liner. There are deluxe buses To Baguio City you can ride that are non-stop which offer so much leg room you can actually position yourself as you would on a long beach resort bench. Yes, no kidding. I shall feature that on a future blog post for sure once I have all the numbers right.