Friday, July 9, 2010

A Woman's Cry For Help When Her Car Breaks Down

Women do not love cars the way men do. Cars are toys for the big boys. Conversely, for the population of women who own and drive their own vehicles, cars are nothing more than a helpmate in times of need. One of the most reliable cars in my opinion is the Chevrolet Silverado, which you see in the photo above, borrowed from the archives of

The recent global crisis has made purchasing brand new cars a challenging task. Banks and financial institutions have become stricter in their standards for approval of personal auto loans. While women appreciate second-hand cars beyond words, years of use bring a set of auto problems which make that which was reliable, a source of stress and worry.

Women do not know engines and car parts the way men do. Men are naturals in terms of the anatomy of automobiles. Women find more hope in a SALE sign posted in a store’s front window display. When the car breaks down, women become damsels in much distress. If you live in Dallas, the only hope for a lady’s survival is a Dallas auto repair shop! is one such knight in shining armor in times of great need. is a reliable auto repair company that provides accurate estimates to any kind of specific car repair such as a brake job, A/C service, or other more complicated jobs. With, the princess can ride on her old faithful horse once again!


  1. Wow, we women ought to empower ourselves by studying this world of cars a little bit more.

  2. That Chevrolet Silverado car looks a lot like the Nissan Navarro and with that, I was wondering which was cheaper. So you got it right when you said women pin their hopes on those SALE signs!