Thursday, July 1, 2010

Visco's Strawberry Shortcake in Baguio: One of the Country's Best Desserts!

A recent visit to Baguio City has been one of the most eventful in my life. The last time my feet were on Baguio's cold pavement was more than two decades ago and although some friends have dissuaded me from revisiting the city because of its lack of improvement in infrastructure, two more-than-significant balikbayan girl friends have dragged my feet to what I would call "Hell's Queue" at Cubao's Victory Liner. There are deluxe buses To Baguio City you can ride that are non-stop which offer so much leg room you can actually position yourself as you would on a long beach resort bench. Yes, no kidding. I shall feature that on a future blog post for sure once I have all the numbers right.

While in the City of Igorots, my friends, family and I took that classic walk along Session Road (and hopefully next time, Abbey Road). A Baguio local recommended Visco's Restaurant for the best strawberry shortcake in the Philippines. And boy, was he so right! Although the chocolate drinks, coffee, and tea were nothing amazing, the sweet desserts were something else! We ordered the Oreo Cheesecake and the famous  Strawberry Shortcake of Visco's. Each bite was perfect, neither too sweet nor artificial. One thing to consider is the fact that strawberries were not in season when we visited Baguio. I can only imagine how much more delicious this would taste when the fruits are at their bearing peak.

The next time you visit Baguio City, do not forget to visit Visco's to taste the best Strawberry Shortcake in the country!


  1. cinds,
    i'll try these when i go back to baguio. it sure does look yummy.


  2. visco's location please?