Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Storynory: A Rich Resource of Enchanting Audio Stories For Children & the Young Once!

Having been educated in an exclusive private school from nursery through high school, I have always held these institutions in high regard. When it was finally time for my own daughter's schooling requirements (as I had defined it), the only way of education I thought BEST was through a regular school. It was an exciting experience for my husband and I, seeing our little girl ride on that white school bus, school bag in tow. I even felt a tear drop down my left cheek as she waved me goodbye on her first school day.

A hectic business schedule led to three years of regular school for my daughter, from nursery through prep. I will always be grateful to her dedicated instructors who gave their best efforts at educating my child in a way they thought best. However, something changed during her last year in regular school. Although I did not expect perfection from her teachers, I DID expect my daughter to advance in her reading skills.

My unmet expectations paved the way to pursue other ways of education. The report card, after all, is not an accurate measure of a child's ACTUAL intelligence. An impeccable grade in Arithmetics does not translate to a better life. At that time, the only "intelligence" I regarded as essential was to be able to read and communicate. These circumstances allowed my daughter and I to learn together through homeschooling. And it was through homeschooling that I stumbled upon from the recommendation of a friend. is a rich resource of enchanting classic audio stories for children of all ages, including you and me. You will find an endless stream of audio stories from Hans Christian Andersen and Brothers Grimm. offers its guests the ability to download audio stories of their choice from the website. Morever, if you want to be updated with the latest story, you can subscribe through email or through RSS. You may also subscribe to their podcast which automatically downloads the latest stories to iTunes. Instead of reading aloud a story to your child, you can enjoy the convenience of recording several stories in your iPod. Your children will take great delight as Natasha narrates some of the world's best literature!

One of my favorite stories in is "How the Tiger Got His Stripes." You can download the story from here. Happy reading (or should I say listening)!

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