Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Jacob's Ladder Immunization Center: Mommy's Best Friend


As parents, we strive not only to provide the best education to our children. A big chunk of our efforts are also invested in their health care. From infancy to toddler to child and pre-teen stages, where our budgets permit, we ensure that our children are given their timely "shots". In the past years, vaccines and immunizations in the Philippines have become a luxury. Only the wealthy can afford to provide this added health support to their children.

I have resided near SM Southmall for at least nine years and in one of those cinema nights (I would say three years ago), I stumbled upon this immunization center called Jacob's Ladder. Since then, I have referred a lot of mommy friends as well as some adults to enlist the services of this establishment for their vaccination and immunization needs.

Jacob's Ladder Immunization Center is owned by Mr. Jaime Villafuerte. He has taken upon himself the responsibility of providing CHEAPER vaccines to the public. Why? Rumor has it that one or two of his relatives died from diseases that could have been avoided by immunization/vaccination. The vaccines are purchased in bulk from Zuellig, the largest distributor of pharmaceutical products in the country. This explains why the center can afford to offer vaccines that are priced at least 30% cheaper than regular rates from pediatricians. No offense to all pediatricians in our country but I believe they just charge an arm and a leg for an ordinary shot. I love my pediatrician and rely on him for help for my child's health care. However, where an alternative exists that will help me save big bucks, why not?

Branches of Jacob's Ladder Immunization Center may be found in the following:
SM Southmall (3rd Level) Telephone #801-5453 - see update below for new location
Robinsons Mall Dasmarinas Cavite (Lower Ground Floor) Telephone #046-4163791
Puso ng Maynila Arcade, UN Avenue Telephone #404-1189
Port Area Manila Telephone #4043796
Baliwag Bulacan 

Here is a list of the vaccines and their price list as of June 8, 2010:
Hepa B Pedia (single)     500 pesos
Hepa B Adult (single)     700 pesos
Hepa A Pedia (single)     1,200 pesos
Hepa A Adult (single)     2,300 pesos
Flu Adult or Pedia         800 pesos (includes the H1N1 strain already)
Haemophilus Influenza Type B (HIB)     850 pesos
Diptheria + Pertussis + Tetanus Booster     1,200 pesos
DPT + HIB + Hepa B + Polio (6-in-1)      2,400 pesos
Measles + Mumps + Rubella (MMR)        750 pesos
DPT + Hepa B     900 pesos
DPT + HIB + Polio (5-in-1)     2,000 pesos
DPT + Polio (Tetraxim)     1,250 pesos
DPT + HIB (Tetracthib)     1,200 pesos
Combined Hepa A & B Pedia     1,200 pesos
Combined Hepa A & B Adult     2,100 pesos
Typhoid Fever     800 pesos
Chicken Pox (Varicella)     1,600 pesos
Cholera (Dulcoral)     1,450 pesos
Pneumococcal (Pneumo 23)     1,400 pesos
Measles     450 pesos
Tetanus Toxoid     200 pesos
Rabies     1,600 pesos
BCG     500 pesos
Meningococcal     1,600 pesos
PCV 7 (Prevenar)     4,200 pesos
PCV 10 (Synflorix)     2,500 pesos
Rotavirus (Rotarix)     2,400 pesos

Human Papilloma Virus - HPV (Cervical Cancer Vaccine):
Gardasil     4,000 pesos
Cervarix     2,000 pesos

Typhoid vaccines have a validity of three years for every single shot.
Pneumo vaccines have a validity of five years for every single shot. 

UPDATE (October 28, 2011) :

Jacob's Ladder SM Southmall is already closed.  The good news is, they have relocated to a new building in Las Pinas with details below:

Second Floor
It is an orange building near Citimotors (Times) and SM Super Center
Landline:  478-4707

Updates on vaccine prices:
Typhoid Fever - 900.00
Pneumo - 1,400.00
Polio - 500.00

New vaccine:
Combination MMR and Chickenpox - 2,500.00
PVC #13 - 4,200.00
DPT for Adults - Adacel 1,400.00
DPT for Adults - Boostrix 1,200.00


  1. maam,..ung flu po nmin is 800 po,..im ailyn from jacobs ladder SM SOUTHMALL BRANCH

  2. WOW Cindy! This is AMAZING! I've been going back and forth with the HPV shot because it's super expensive! This is so much cheaper than all of the other ones I've checked out (approximately P15K). Thanks for the info! :) I LOVE reading your blog! :) See you around! :)

  3. Hi Ailyn! Thanks for the note. I have just corrected it. Just let me know any mistakes or updates. You can email me :D

  4. Hi Char! I am happy you find this blog post helpful! That is the whole point of this blog :D

  5. Your message and prayers helped me through a rough patch, Cindy ... I cannot thank you enough!

    God bless your wonderful heart!

  6. Galing cinds!! sooo helpful! thanks!

  7. do you have an update of the prices? and also if they have a diagnostic centre? thanks!

  8. Hello. I just passed by SM Southmall Branch yesterday and the prices remain the same. I am not sure how to answer your second question about having a diagnostic center. Do you mean blood testing center? If so, they have none.

  9. Hi! can you post the duration of each vaccine. How long it will last example is the vaccine for Typhoid Fever. Thanks

  10. As for the duration of each vaccine, I will create another post after a consultation with the center :)

  11. Helow mam cindy.Im one of the employee of jcobs ladder.Thanks sa pg advertzd ng clnc namin.As of now po our flu vaccine cost 800 pesos, mmr 750, and pneumo 1400.. Regardng po sa tanong na nbasa ko kanina.Typhoid vaccine is single shot and valid for 3yrs.. Pneumo vaccine is single shot also and valid for 5yrs...Tnx

  12. Hi Staff of Jacob's Ladder,
    I already updated the prices and added an addendum to include the validity. You can email me the validity of every kind of vaccine in the list through my email: heapfulofhelp@gmail.com. This way, I can create another post to include validity. All the Best!

  13. Thanks for posting this. It was a big help especially for us families who are finding ways to maximize their budgets. I just had my daughter's first shot of 5 in 1 and Hepa-B vaccines today at their SM Southmall branch.
    Their service was good.

    God bless!

  14. You are most welcome! It is my pleasure to be of help or service :D

  15. are they open during holidays?

  16. updated ba yung number nila as posted here? nobody's answering the phone. ;(

  17. Hi. The one in SM Southmall is generally open when the mall is open. :D So, that includes holidays.

  18. As far as the number is concerned, I will visit the center very soon to get some new information and check for their updated numbers.

    However, I think that they are updated. Please try calling in the morning when the mall opens :D

  19. To cindy or to the staff of Jacobs Ladder..

    My babies will be having their shot of PCV13 on December .. meron din bang PCV13 ang Jacob's Ladder, if meron.. magkano? TIA

  20. d po b under construction ang sm southmall? d po b nalipat un location ng jacobs ladder kc im planning to bring my baby one of this days for her d.p.t shot

  21. Hello Xenoraine,

    I just spoke with staff of the SM Southmall branch and she said that PCV13 is NOT available. Only the PCV7 and PCV10 are available from the center. The numbers represent the strains of the bacteria/virus. PCV10 is 3 strains short of the PCV13. I do not really know how relevant the additional 3 are. :) Whether or not they will carry this vaccine in the future is uncertain. I will definitely post an update once it will be available. Hope this helps :D

  22. Hello Anonymous :D

    Jacob's Ladder is not included in the renovation plans of SM Southmall for this year. There have been no advisories relating to transfers, according to Jacob's Ladder staff. They will be updating me with the latest information should there be any. I hope this answers your question :D

  23. This one is really nice. I have a question, how do you guys tell your pedia na di nyo sa kanila avail yung vaccine? And panu yung next vaccine at check up? I mean si pedia lang kasi nagsasabi samen kung anong kasunod na shot eh. Para alam ko kung kelan at anong kasunod na vaccine.

    Help naman.


  24. Hello Ms. Rissa,

    First of all, the one who conducts the vaccination in Jacob's Ladder is a pediatrician. The center will keep a record of your all your vaccinations and will tell you of the shots that you need to update. That should not pose a problem.

    As for what to tell your pedia. In my case, I just told him that my husband has benefits with his company and it would be to my loss if I do not take advantage. :D Hope this suggestion helps.

  25. shots lang po ba included the price? do they also do routine check up prior to giving vaccines like check the lungs if clear, get the temp, measure the length and weight etc cos this is what my baby's pedia do.

  26. Dear Anonymous,

    The price is the cost of the vaccine. Since a pediatrician will be the one to administer the shot, he would be checking the basic parameters such as temperature, blood pressure, weight and height, as well as checking the lung functions via stethoscope. Hope this helps. :)

  27. Hello! Is the Southmall branch still operating? What are your clinic hours? Thanks!

  28. Hello Anonymous,

    Apologies for the late reply. The SM Southmall branch remains in the old location, on the third floor. Clinic hours are mall hours. They do close a bit early so I suggest you go there before 7pm. Hope this helps!

    If you have the time and means, you can call their land line number as indicated in the article.

  29. I have read this center in one of the blogs that I've read last week. I tried to call the center and I was surprised for the rates. I paid 4,500 x 3shot for rota and 5,500 for pcv x 2 shot for my daughter. For other vaccines, I'll get in na in this center.

    More power to Jacob's. Will recommend your center to my friends so they too can save.

  30. Thanks so much for this info. Called Jacob Ladder for my daughter's Meningo & Hepa A. Cheaper talaga sila. Thank you.. thank you... this helps a lot sa mga budget conscious like me.

  31. Hello. I am happy that the information has helped you. Indeed, may Jacob's Ladder be blessed as a business that helps not only health-wise but also budget-wise. :)

  32. Sis, thank you so much for sharing this with us. Very big help since padating na baby ko (i'm due this month) and namomroblema na ko for her vaccinations. As what other parents say, ito talaga nakakabutas ng bulsa. Thank God I found your site. By the way, do you know where exactly in Baliwag Bulacan is this located? I'm residing in Valenzuela kasi, and apparently ito lang pinakamalapit na branch nila samin. Looking forward for your response. Thanks sis! God bless!

  33. Hello Ailez!

    I am happy that the information is helpful. For details on Bulacan center's location, kindly call the Manila office. :D

  34. hi po, ask ko lng po kung wat brand po ang pnuemococcal and ilang shots po pag 2yrs,6months old... tnx po

  35. Hi Lhiza,

    Thanks for writing. They use the same brands as the ones used by pediatricians. I suggest you call them at #801-5453 for all your "technical" questions :D

  36. Hi Cindy. Just want to know if you'll be opening a branch in makati? I hope you do. :) My son needs his 2nd shot of the 6-in-1. The pedia from your center sa SM Southmall said my son should be back after a month for the 2nd shot. I guess sa UN ave muna siya for the meantime. More power to all of you. GOD BLESS!

  37. Hello! I do NOT own Jacob's Ladder and they don't pay me a dime or give me some form of benefit for this post. My desire is simply to bring awareness to those who need it. Great to hear that you benefited from the discounts. I do not think they will open a branch in Makati. Your best bet is the Manila branch :D

  38. buti nalang may jacob's ladder near our place, will visit them nxt week para magpa sched ng vaccine ng 2 anak ko. yung prices ba ng vaccines are updated? para may idea ako how much kailangan kong hingin kay hubby :D

  39. Hi,

    Yes, the prices are updated. I will check again this coming week for any updates. I shall visit the center for any updates.

  40. ask ko lang my baby is 1 month 3 weeks pero wala pa sya BCG, ok lang ba yun? if mapainjectionan ko sya this coming week, di ba makaka affect yun sa schedule ng mga susunod nyang vaccines

    i called jacobs wala din sila available na bcg sa rob dasma branch and di pa sure kung magkakaron pa or kailan, sabi kasi nung nakausap ko dun parang di na yata nag iinject nun, iba na daw yata though hindi sya sure and advice me na itanong ko din sa doctor.

  41. Hi!..sched ko kasi ng 2nd dose for cervical cancer vaccine...Do you have an idea kung kelan makakapag deliver sa ROB Dasma?..2 weeks na kasi delay dapat last week pa ko nakapagpa inject...

    pls pls pls mag deliver na kayo ng cervarix sa ROB Dasma...thank you

  42. Hi Emhil,

    I already emailed you about the stocks of Cervarix in SM Southmall. I hope that you already got your "shot."

    I shall be posting an update on Jacob's ladder soon. There are NEW vaccines while some others have been removed from their list.

  43. hi, this is from JACOB'S LADDER SOUTHMALL. we already have available CERVICAL CANCER VACCINE, not sure kung ,meron sa DASMA

  44. thank you to have a people like you! for posting very important things like this. it helps a lot to us.GOD BLESS YOU!

  45. thank you very much! for helping us for posting like this! god bless u more power :D

  46. Hello!

    It is always my pleasure to help :D

  47. hi, ask ko lng po if may branch sila dito sa cebu? tnw po! -jai

  48. Hello. There is no branch in Cebu :(

  49. Hi Cindy does Jacob's Ladder have PCV13? Specifically Prevenar 13? if yes how much? and which Branch.. TIA.. :)

  50. Hi. I just want to ask kung meron na rin bang MMR+Varicella combination vaccine ang Jacob's ladder (priorix tetra yata yung brand) and magkano? thanks

  51. TY for blogging this. Baka meron may alam ng tel number and address ng Baliwag branch? pahingi po ako. Salamat!

  52. Hello Anonymous,

    I apologize for the late reply. Here are the details of the Baliwag Bulacan Branch:

    Tel. No. 044-7663468
    Operating Hours: 8am to 5pm, Mon to Sat
    Corner B. Aquino Avenue and R. Magsaysay Street

    Hope this helps!

  53. good day,

    if ever na magpapavaccine kami available po ba this saturday ang pedia? need pa po ba namin tumawag before kami magpunta jan?ano-ano ang mga dapat namin gawin if ever magpapabakuna kami this saturday (6-11-2011)?thanks in advance

  54. Hello Chaisiderwin,

    I guess this message is already too late. I hope that you were either able to call or visit the center already. Thanks so much! Apologies!

  55. Hello,

    just wanna ask what's the difference between PCV7 and PCV10? why is PCV10 cheaper than PCV7? and which is better to give? my baby is gonna have this vaccine next week, so i wanna know.


  56. Hello there. I think the best way to find out the difference is to ask the immunization center. The numbers are posted on the article. I hope that you will find it helpful :D

  57. hello..i just wanna share this story kse ung pedia ng baby ko is in bulacan so since we're here in cavite my husband and i decided to have some of the vaccines s jacobs ladder southmall branch and then when we went back to bulacan one time nagpacheck up kme s pedia n tlga ng baby ko, she asked kng san dw kme nagpavaccine nung mga nakaraang month, nabanggit nmen n s jacobs ladder. sobrang siniraan nya ung jacobs ladder specially ung s bulacan branch, sbi nya d dw pedia un nag aadminister ng vaccine at gno dw kme ka sure na legit un mga vaccines n iniinject kse ang mura mura dw at mdme ndw mga nagreklamo against jacobs ladder bulacan branch.. i feel bad for her and i feel bad for jacobs ladder as well..but most of all i feel bad pra s mga tulad kong parent na hangad ln dn tlga makatipid and at the same time ma complete ung mga vaccines pra s mga anak nila..:(

  58. good day. inquire ko lang po kung avail po sa SM Southmall 6 in 1? pwede po mag set appointment for tomorrow?

    thank you.

    more power.

  59. hi, just want to know your exact location and schedule for the immunization of my 5week old baby. I want to have her 2nd dose of Hepa B in your clinic. Hoping for your immediate response.


  60. Hello ilovemykids,

    I think it is best to call SM Southmall branch of Jacob's Ladder Immunization Center. Kindly scroll up and you will find the number.

    Hi Anonymous (Bulacan),

    It is really sad that pediatricians themselves are the ones bad-mouthing Jacob's Ladder. I would like to guarantee you that the vaccines come from Zuellig Pharma, the larges distributor in the country. You can even call Zuellig Pharma to confirm :D

    Hi Anonymous,

    I would love to help you but I think it is best to call Jacob's Ladder to schedule your baby's immunization and to have all your questions answered. :)

    Hope all of this helps!

  61. Nag-increase na yung prices for typhoid vaccines. PHP 900 na raw siya when I called to inquire. And wala na silang Hepa A and B combined vaccines.

  62. thanks for the help... i made this page as one of my tabs favorite so i can visit this site anytime to check if there's any update on the prices hehehehe....buti na lang im just near sm southmall... thank you for posting this! job well done! considering that you're not even connected with jacobs ladder but you're definitely helping out other moms (thru sharing this information) who would like to provide quality healthcare for their children yet cant afford high-paying pediatricians ...~gracie~

  63. Hello,

    Thanks for your efforts to keep this post updated. I shall be paying the center a visit soon to update my prices. Kindly await updated details.

    For those who have appreciated this post, a heartfelt gratitude from me to you as well for your encouraging words. :)

  64. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  65. hi,
    good morning. saan na po kayo lumipat kasi wala na kayo sa southmall..

  66. Hello Mahal ni Marlon,

    Please read the update dated September 14,2011 above. You will find the address and contact numbers of the new location of Jacob's Ladder in Las Pinas branch.

  67. wla b cla na mlpt na sites because its too far fro our house,,, lahat ng a so very mut=ra,,laki tipid nito!111

  68. wow this is much cheaper!..Can Typhoid and Hepa A go at the same time?

  69. hi, what is the number of the manila branch?

    do you have any idea if it is open on sunday?

  70. hi,

    I have a baby girl , we always go to SM Southmall for check up and vaccination, I just want to know if by chance they will come back or closed for good sa SM satisfied po kasi ako sa check up and vaccination ng baby ko and one time pumunta po ako sa CCM kasi mataas ang lagnat po niya knowing cheaper ang check up with quality pedia eh hindi po pala nasa 350php ang check up pa lang mas mahal ng 50 sa clinic sa Alabang clinic sa susanna Arcade,,, not like sa jacobs ladder mura na malinis pa ang facilities I hope you open a new branch near sa SM south Mall kahit hindi po sa loob!!!! thanks and more power sa staff ng jacobs ladder....

  71. Hello!

    The new landline number for the Las Pinas branch is already indicated in the post above.

    For your questions about vaccines, it is best to call the centers. All the center numbers are indicated in the post above.

    As for whether the SM Las Pinas branch will resurface again, I really doubt it as they had already moved to a new facility.

    Thank you for your comments! :D

  72. hi ms cindy! i just called Jacob Ladders in Las pinas.. the have PCV 10 (P2500) and PCV 13 (P4200). both are Prevnar.. =)

  73. hi po.. good day.. ask ko lang anong pwede kay baby 10 months na sya ngaun and sabi ng pedia,dpat may pneumococcal vaccine na sya. wat is yhe difference between this 3?

    Pneumococcal (Pneumo 23) 1,400 pesos
    PCV 7 (Prevenar) 4,200 pesos
    PCV 10 (Synflorix) 2,500 pesos

  74. taga jacobs ladder kayo nohh masyadong kumpleto ang details ninyo ehh ... sabihin nalang ninyo kaagad na gusto ninyo ipromote ang company ninyo

  75. bukas po ba ng saturday at sunday sa Puso ng Maynila Arcade, UN Avenue clinic?

  76. do you have any branch here in muntinlupa city?

  77. do you have a new contact # for baliuag branch?

  78. hi what is baliuag's contact's #? thanks.

  79. sana iupdate yung site pls esp vaccine pricees. last comment 'm seeing now is oct28, 2011. tnx

  80. The vaccine prices are up-to-date. Boosters are charged the same as listed above, depending on what type of booster vaccine you need.

    You may call the Las Pinas branch for numbers of their other branches.

    There is no branch in Muntinlupa City. Las Pinas is just nearby.

    For questions on vaccines, kindly call Jacob's Ladder.

    I am NOT from Jacob's Ladder. Like you, I am one who searches for alternatives to sources of vaccines. I am a customer and this is what I can do to help them. :)

  81. Hi cindy,
    May branch b sila dito sa cubao quezon city? Thanks

  82. Hi. Thanks cindy for this. Hulog ka ng langit ;-) I was wondering what happened to jacob's na. I used to have my son vaccinated in southmall.now I have a newborn so I need them again :-) super thanks talaga for the update.

  83. For more updates about Jacob's Ladder Las Pinas Branch schedule and prices please feel free to add our FB page.


  84. For more updates about our services at Jacobs LP Branch, feel free to add our FB account.


  85. Please read the revisions and updates on the blog post as the new location of Las Pinas branch, along with the telephone numbers, are indicated therein. Also, kindly visit the official Facebook page of Jacob's Ladder as indicated above. You may be able to communicate directly with them there. Thank you.

  86. All Jacob's Ladder branches are indicated in the post. No Cubao branch as of yet. Kindly defer to other branches like Bulacan or Manila. Thanks.