Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Smens: Earth Friendly Scented Ball Pens by Smencils

Ah yes, the glory of the old ballpoint pen! The Egyptians were one of the first to create the world's most reliable writing instruments. Too bad their papyrus was pulverized to dust after years of storage. And so did the ink that was used to record salient events of their history. That first attempt, however, was the pioneering work that led to what is known today as the world's most reliable writing tool.

Since the time of the ancient civilizations, several hundred billion pieces of ball pens have been sold all across the globe. The ballpoint pen is the most widely used writing instrument in the world, regardless of social class or culture. Even the advent of computers and high-speed internet has not altered humanity's dependence on ballpoint pens. 

Allow me to share to you my favorite ball pen. I love it because it is wonderfully scented. SMENS, as they are aptly called, hail from the land of the free -- USA. SMENS are not your run-of-the-mill ballpoints. These are eco-smart ball pens made from recycled newspapers and just a little bit of corn-based biodegradable plastic. As a bonus, SMENS are infused with earth-friendly essential oils that make writing an unforgettable fun-smelling experience! SMENS come in ten gourmets scents namely, pink lemonade, caramel corn, banana-fo-fana, mocha, red licorice, passion fruit, ninja berry, aloha, creamsicle, and black licorice.

Smencils Manila is the authorized distributor of SMENS in the Philippines. It is also available in retail establishments such as Fullybooked, Hobbes and Landes, and Powerbooks. The scented pens are currently under a Smencils Manila promotion. Visit the Smencils Manila Facebook page for further details.

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