Saturday, May 29, 2010

Classic Grilled Cheese Sandwich Cooked In A Pan!

A Filipino breakfast is not complete without bread. With a confusing variety of bread assortments that fill grocery aisles today, the LOAF remains as a pantry mainstay. In my (undying but slightly failing) pursuit to serve healthier food options to my family, I have recently made the switch from white bread to whole wheat bread. The wiser man in me headed for a reliable bread brand, Gardenia, instead of experimenting on less known brands. Those wheat bread trials are reserved for another day and of course, another blog post.

The grilled cheese sandwich is a classic American delight often using cheddar cheese singles. To take the grilled cheese sandwich closer to the Filipino home, it is best used with Kraft Eden Singles cheese (currently 43 to 45 pesos for 6 slices) and very good butter. As the French say, good food is butter, butter, and butter.

A non-stick pan is essential in preparing this sandwich. The instructions are simple.
1.  Heat your pan.
2.  Add some butter (you decide how much).
3.  Let the melted butter spread across the pan by shaking the pan.
4.  Add your sandwich (that is, a piece of cheese singles in between two slices of bread).
5.  Turn heat to low to allow cheese to melt.
6.  Lift out the sandwich when the bottom is brown (like the photo you see above).
7.  Add butter to pan and allow to melt.
8.  Turn the sandwich over and brown the other side.
9.  Serve hot.

This sandwich is PERFECT with a cup of freshly brewed coffee. A simple yet enjoyable dish for every home. Enjoy!

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  1. yum as well with strips of yellow bell pepper :) great blog cinds :)