Monday, May 10, 2010

Philippine Elections (May 10, 2010) - Who Did You Vote As President Today?

JOIN THE POLL ON THE RIGHT PANEL and tick who you voted for as the next President of the Philippines.

Our lovely daughter in tow, my husband and I parked our vehicle in SM Southmall's parking lot and walked under the intense heat of the sun towards the Almanza Elementary School of Las Pinas to cast our votes.

This year's voting experience is the most strenuous and exhausting to date with long queues that required more than two hours. People in charge of precincts have expressed empathy to frustrated voters, explaining that since machines are installed, each classroom handled 1,000 voters instead of the normal 200. At 2:00pm, only 300+ ballots have been submitted. The heat of this year's summer is not providing any comfort either.

It was our daughter's first time to witness how a Filipino citizen votes. Yes, that trip to the public school was a field trip of sorts. I took THIS opportunity to explain to her the significance of EACH vote - that it was worth waiting in line for hours.

To date, there is still a huge number of Filipinos who remain unregistered. If there is any hope I have left for our country, it is for every Filipino to engage themselves in this privilege as part and parcel of their Filipino citizenry.

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