Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Recognition to My SuperHelper Mila

Sniff. More sniff. Sob! My SuperHelper Mila left for a vacation two days ago. It was at that moment when she strolled away with my Allied Bank trolley bag I realized how long she had served me (more than five years!) and how much she loved my whole family, including my dog, Rocky. Yes, she shed a considerable amount of tears when my daughter hugged her tight and said, "See you in two weeks!" We truly have become HER family. I appreciate that. Let me correct that statement. I MORE THAN appreciate that.

A few years back, an affluent woman mentioned to me how sickening it was to be conversing comfortably with a helper. This, she commented about a friend of hers she saw laughing WITH her helper. She referred to it as a downgrade of one's personality and status. I could not blame her for being who she is, aristocratic and all. However, I do feel she is missing out on a special kind of loyalty and love that can evolve from building close ties with your helper. The kind that would abandon their whole future just to be able to serve you.

As I wait for her return, I would like to express my gratitude to her unmatched service and love to my family. She is and will always be PART of MY family. I miss Mila. I heart Mila.


  1. Hi Cindy!!! I'm almost alive hahaha Love your site! ;) Please follow mine? Tenkyu!!!!


  2. It's good to know that you really appreciate your maid. The problem in our country (and I'm really sorry to say this) our relationships with each other is defined by our class, which should not be the case. Here in Singapore, I don't feel who's rich and who's poor. What's important is you're working, that's it.

  3. @Tes: Yes! I followed na! You are finally alive again! :D

  4. @Rachel: You are right with what you are saying. It is indeed a sad fact. However, we still hope to change the way we do things or see things for the better!

  5. we have yet to find our diamond in the rough.