Thursday, April 29, 2010

Manila's BEST Chips: CLOVER CHIPS Cheese Flavor!

Each one of us is a unique creation. Even our tastes and passion differ from one individual to another. However, I must say that beneath all these differences lies a common thread - the love for JUNK FOOD! Apologies to all of you who may be health conscious. I too painstakingly invest efforts in my food choices not just for myself but for my family's benefit as well. However, the delight and sheer enjoyment that each crrrunch! brings is too irresistible to remove from my grocery list. As my husband and daughter would say, "Mom is a chip monster!" And THAT is an understatement!

If you frequent grocery stores, you will notice these crunchy wonders occupying as wide as one whole aisle! You can just imagine how much money this industry rakes in, to think that it is considered junk. Through the years, there have been many innovations in the chips industry. You have old players as well as new ones entering into the highly competitive business. The novelty of the new varieties are really amazing. Oishi has recently launched its Gourmet Potato Chips with two interesting flavors, namely, Nori Wasabi and Kimchi! Both are worthy to be called "gourmet".

What I award as Manila's Best Chips is CLOVER CHIPS Cheese Flavor, from a trusted old brand - Leslie's.  It has been in the industry for more than 20 years and is no where near falling out of the chart toppers. A bag is waiting for me right now in the cupboard. I bid your farewell. Have a crrrunchy day!


  1. Am also a great fan of clover chips... in fact its the only local brand I buy all the time =) (pag foreign brand... Cheetos cheese puffs)...

  2. IT"S MY FAVORITE SNACK!!! i always have it at home!!! CHEESE flavor is great!!

  3. There truly is nothing like it! :)